TAO Solutions is pleased to announce mortgageHUB 2015 Release 3. This release, which will be available to clients in August 2015, includes the following major features and enhancements:

Opti-Pool enhancements: Opti-Pool has undergone several improvements, with the addition of the following features:

  • Pool Builder Matrix: Gives a visual representation of possible pool sets, based on rates and pool maturity months. From here, you can select optimal pool sets, immediately view any compliance exceptions, and reserve and export the selected results to a pool.
  • Widest possible search: Shows all possible loans in the database that meet the search criteria for the Pool Builder Matrix. Note that the permutations returned will not be compliant; while the individual loans each meet the criteria, when taken together the search set may not meet the compliance rules.

Coupon comparison: Pool cash flow setup now allows you to generate projected coupons based on incremental pool prices. If the pool is unsecured, you can select a coupon and change the value in the pool construction screen. This feature can help you set the optimal price and coupon (e.g. CMB pricing), and avoid the need to re-coupon the pool after it has been secured.

Column selector: In the Search Set and Loan Browser search results, you can now select and arrange the columns you want to view and persist this configuration for later use. This new feature allows for greater flexibility and analysis, as you can sort and filter the results in way that is most effective.

For a detailed description of the features described above, see the mortgageHUB 2015 R3 Release Highlights and the user guides made available with the release. For a full list of all updates in this release, see the release notes.

For further information concerning this new functionality, or other aspects of the mortgageHUB 2015 R3 release, please contact your designated TAO Solutions client representative.