Transformative pooling, surveillance, waterfall processing and trust accounting platform for asset-backed securitization.

Automobile &
Equipment Finance

Granular loan or lease level processing with multi-tranche pool selection, settlement and reporting capabilities.

Trade Receivables,
Credit Cards & LOC

End-to-end functionality for the administration of all varieties of traditional asset securitization programs throughout their lifecycles.


Advanced support for marketplace lending securitization including asset selection, waterfall processing and trust accounting.

Liability Issuance &

Creation and administration of funding notes and liabilities, including ABCP conduit management, in a master or discrete trust structure.


  • Quickly select and analyze portfolios from diverse servicing platforms
  • Project cash flows, net book values and pool statistics
  • Customizable funding and waterfall calculation engines
  • Automate all daily and monthly processing tasks


  • Simplify and standardize complex tasks
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Replicate and configure cash waterfall and triggers simply with reusable templates
  • Robust real-time reporting and analysis


  • Extensive rigour and controls around complex financial activities
  • Ensure adherence to detailed triggers and monitoring of ABS structures
  • Comprehensive accrual and cash basis accounting
  • Direct servicing system connectivity

Solution Overview

Built to handle complex and customized ABS structures...

Pooling &
Tranche Creation
  • Robust portfolio & pool construction with asset tagging
  • Creation of top-up pool and tranches conforming to asset eligibility rules
  • Portfolio stratification and creation of investor and rating agency reports
  • Ongoing surveillance and tracking of collateral assets
  • Dynamic, configurable waterfall & settlement engine with user-defined data items, logic triggers and formula
  • Customizable portfolio report templates for reusability
  • Automatic reserve & deferred account management
  • Automatic generation of asset seller invoices for all program fees and cost of funds amounts
  • Trust & SPV Accounting
  • Automatic bank flow vs. cash flow reconciliation via BAI file integration
  • Journal level accounting with G & L feed capability
  • Unique Excel® reporting plug‑in
  • Allow for multi-level review and approval prior to posting
  • Accounting from settlement and waterfall processing
Liabilities Issuance &
  • Process and account for issuance amounts through a customized funding waterfall
  • Define and maintain any term liability with bullet or amortizing features
  • Native support for both discrete and master trust structures
  • Robust ABCP conduit funding capabilities with dynamic cost-of-funds calculations

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